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mb.ytplayer Plus 3.6.0

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From here you can get your mb.ytplayer Plus Wordpress plug-in and generate its license.
After the purchase you'll recieve an email with the activation key and a link to the Plus file.

Play any Youtube video 
as background of your page.

A chrome-less Youtube® video player, based on the  open source javascript library jQuery.mb.YTPlayer.js.
It let you play any YouTube® video as background of your WordPress® page or post.

Simple to use, full featured, ready for you.
Get a “Developer” license

Single site license 12EUR

The "single site license" is valid for a single domain (subdomains are considered different domains).
If you want to install the plug-in on different sites you'll need a new license. You can change the domain association by clicking the "change domain" button in the settings page of your plugin.

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Once the Paypal transaction is completed we'll send you an email with the license key and a link to download the mb.ytplayer Plus plug in.

To install mb.ytplayer Plus into your Wordpress® enter your admin area, go to Plugins > Add new > Upload a file. Once the file has been uploaded you'll find the plug-in in your plug-ins list; activate it and go to the settings to insert the license key you received.

What's more on mb.ytplayer Plus plug-in

Purchasing the Plus version you'll get:

See the documentation


How do I receive the license key?

When you purchase the plugin license, the order is then processed and an email is sent with the activation key. The email is sent to the address you provided here.

If you think you have not received the email, please check your SPAM folder(s).

Do I have to buy the plugin every year?

No, the license is structured on a per site basis and it's valid till next major release.

If you only have one website, you can purchase the license one time and it’s yours. You do not have to subscribe each year.

I'm a Wordpress theme developer and I want to include it on my theme.

If you want to include this plug-in into your theme you'll need a developer license. You can anyway develop it your own starting from the open source javascript components you can find here.